About us

Two young restaurateurs, four tables, ten chairs. Tamás Botos chef and Kristóf Szigeti restaurant manager & owner run this not an everyday fine-dining concept. Before opening their first own place, they had experience with Michelin starred kitchens, leading a number of restaurants and planning and building one of Europe’s most modern dining rooms.

Showkitchen, haute cuisine - the chef’s table is usually the most exclusive place to sit inside a restaurant’s kitchen. This is what ICON is based on. During the dinner, Tamás tells you the hows and whys of the current dish, you can follow through each course if you’d like.

Our Japenese-inspired seasonal menu is fused with international elements. We put great emphasis on quality, therefore we source all our ingredients and personally from producers we personally know.

Our wine and spirit collection is composed by Victoria Evans, Hungarian Sommelier Champion. Each of our dishes has a wine paired by her. We exclusively work with Hungarian wines, which we always source directly from the winery.

We are looking forward to having you for dinner!

Kristóf & Tamás